Some vegetables challenge cooks to find ways to make them. Sometimes this is because the vegetable itself has a unique flavor profile that makes pairing difficult, or the structure of the plant is difficult to cook. Artichokes are a good example of the later problem. Most of the time though, it is because the cook’s culture just doesn’t use that particular vegetable a lot. It’s used in one way alone or it’s not a common ingredient in the stores. Yellow squash falls into that category. Many people just don’t get past boiling squash with butter, and this leaves diners thinking that squash isn’t very good. Here is a recipe that will fix that problem.

Grilled Yellow Squash

Get together 4 squashes, half a cup of olive oil, two cloves of garlic, and some salt and pepper. Cut your squash into thick, even slices. Cubes that are half or a quarter-inch thick should work for this recipe.

Yellow Squash

The first thing to do is to turn on the griddle and warm it to medium. Then you make a garlic rub for your squash. You put oil in a pan (you can use a second part of the griddle on some models) and put the garlic cloves in the oil. Crush the garlic and cook it until it is fragrant. Coat your squash in this oil and then sprinkle the whole thing with salt and pepper.

Cook your squash on the griddle until it is tender. That should take 5 to 10 minutes.

If you want your squash to come out juicy and sweet, you should use the Steam Shell Griddle. The instant temperature recovery feature and even cooking surface will make sure that all the squash slices in a batch cook at the same rate. The steam heat will keep them from overcooking and drying out. When you are looking for a good griddle for your vegetables, contact us.