Everyone loves an omelet on a sunny Sunday morning. They are healthy, filling, and delicious. Here are a few tips on how to make the perfect veggie omelet with your Steam Shell Griddle.

Cut Them Small

The most important thing to remember when you make an omelet is to mince your onions fine. Other vegetables should be cubed, but the onions must be minced. You always start with the onions, browning them for a few minutes. Then you add any other vegetables that sound like they would taste good with eggs. All vegetables are great with eggs, in truth, but some take longer to cook thoroughly. Regardless, the time you spend cutting is crucial to the quality of your omelet. The veggies have to be nice and crisp before you pour on the eggs, and that will happen better the more time you spend on chopping.

Egg Froth

The secret to good eggs is oxygen. They must have beaten into them until they are a pale yellow and full of bubbles. Eggs treated this way will be light and fluffy, and they will cook thoroughly. You do have to watch out for them spreading when you put them on the griddle because the eggs will be ready to stretch. This can be handled by creating a barrier around the eggs.

Veggie Omelet Timing

Omelet-making has a certain rhythm to it.  The vegetables are cooked thoroughly on one side while the eggs are allowed to cook into one yellow pancake on the other side. Then the egg pancake is flipped and then vegetables and cheese are put in the middle of the pancake. Give this a couple of minutes to gel before folding the omelet over. It’s a dance that requires the perfect timing of the steps. You may be tempted to nudge the eggs early or stir the vegetables often, but this is to rush the careful choreography. Resist the temptation.

If you want that perfect omelet with vegetables, contact us. Our Steam Shell griddle has the perfect heat technology to ensure even cooking and avoid burnt spots.