You probably know all of your griddle’s quirks by now: the spot that doesn’t heat up as quickly, the patches that cool down or heat up faster than the others, and where food should be placed for having the highest chance of it cooking how you expect. But that adds an unnecessary headache to your cook time and your procedures and it can easily result in two of the biggest problems that can creep up in your cooking: overcrowding and undercooking. 

What is undercooking?

Every ingredient has a minimum temperature to which you should cook it. For food like vegetables and pasta, you need to reach this temperature for your food to taste good and not have an unexpected crunch or raw center. But with meat not reaching the minimum temperature can be dangerous. Pork and meat from other mammals need to reach at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and sometimes that changes to 160 degrees; poultry needs to have an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees all throughout the meat for it to be considered safe. If your griddle doesn’t cook evenly, it can be impossible for you to know when that number has been reached and you have to spend time double-checking and cooking for longer. But with our Steam Shell Griddle, which has instant temperature recovery, you can be confident in the temperature gauge and cook food faster.


How does overcrowding hurt your food?

Each bit of food you add to a cooktop or pan reduces the temperature. If you overcrowd part of the surface, you are drastically reducing the temperature and the cooktop will take a while to heat back up. Cooks at home or who are preparing a single dish at a time can use the simple solution of cooking food in smaller patches, but restaurants rarely have time for that. Instead of relying on that one patch of your cooktop that heats consistently, you need a griddle where the whole surface area can counteract the lower temperature of your ingredients.

If you have to overcrowd your cooktop or spend time worrying about undercooking meat, you need a new griddle. Browse our site here for tips, options, and more information about our Steam Shell Griddle.