There are few more filling and wholesome foods than a vegetable hash. You get all your food groups in one meal, and it is delicious. It’s also incredibly versatile as a food, meaning that it can be a true ‘kitchen-sink item. To explain why let’s get to basics.

Basic Griddle Hash

The key to this breakfast is to cut many foods up small and in uniform sizes. This ensures even cooking. Once you have selected and diced them, you fry them up with sunny-side-up eggs and a few herbs or spices. This recipe leaves open endless variations. Since it cooks quickly, it makes an ideal meal for a lazy Sunday morning that you want to savor alone, or as a crowd-pleaser on a day with guests. It also leaves you the option of using whatever vegetables or meats you are having a hard time using.

Root Vegetables

Griddle Hash

Potatoes are the most common backbone of hash, so root vegetable hashes are a natural extension of this. Anyone with onions, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and parsnips can dice them and throw them in with a touch of oregano, salt, pepper, and thyme. Root vegetables tend to be starchy and sweet which means that it cooks up golden and give your breakfast a touch of traditional zest.


Brussels sprouts and cabbage make excellent green additions to a hash. They bring with them extra vitamins and an earthy zing. Some excellent combinations are Brussels sprouts with fingerling potatoes.

Griddle Hash with Meats

The preferred type of meats for a hash are shredded or easily cut into small pieces. Sausages and bacon bring salty goodness to your griddle hash. Corned beef and pulled pork are other favorites to put in your breakfast. Just as with your vegetables, these should be cut thin and in uniform sizes so that they cook evenly.

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