These days, you can cook any way you want, no matter where you are: countless appliances, stovetop settings, and contraptions that modify those settings are now in every kitchen. From air fryers to steamer baskets, everyone is starting to experiment with how to make food taste better and be healthier. But the clear winner on both taste and health is steam cooking your food.

How does steam make your food taste even better while keeping it healthy?

  • Steam cooking your food means it won’t dry out. Whether you’re preparing grilled food to be on hand throughout the dinner rush or you are cooking something that takes a long time to finish, traditional cooktops and methods of cooking take the moisture — and all of the flavor — out of your ingredients.
  • Steamed food doesn’t need an oily cooking medium. You no longer need to pan fry or roast to cook your vegetables all the way through. Steamed vegetables are simple to prepare and don’t stick to the pan when it’s time to plate them. They also retain more of their nutrients and don’t get mushy or brown as you cook them.
  • Steam cooking is quick. You don’t have to worry about different parts of your meals being done long before the meat or vegetables. Steam cooking circulates the heated air around the griddle’s surface area to thoroughly cook the food in half the time.


Whether you’re looking for convenience, look, or taste, steam cooking is the clear winner when it comes to cooking food. If you are looking for a griddle that lets you cook faster and easier, take a look at the Steam Shell Griddle here.

About the American Griddle Corporation: American Griddle’s patented Steam Shell Technology has revolutionized the foodservice industry. By utilizing Steam Shell Technology, foods can be cooked at uniform temperatures, creating better tasting and more consistent results. Products are cooked from the top and bottom simultaneously, retaining all of the natural moisture and flavors that make your food taste great. Users experience benefits not seen in traditional electric griddles, such as consistent and faster cook times, no cross-flavoring and instant recovery.