Cooking with a griddle, especially a steam griddle like those made by American Griddle, can produce some of the finest foods you’ll ever put in your mouth. With superior temperature retention, a reduced chance of creating hot spots, and better space usage potential, you can be sure you’ve got the right tool for the job every time.

All that being said, there are certain foods that are better suited for steam grilling than others. If you’re hoping to experiment with what your griddle can do, try these three great recipe ideas today.

  1. Pancakes

The classic griddle food. Pancakes are perfectly suited for steam grilling like this since the technology it utilizes both reduces cooking time and allows for more pancakes to cook at the same time. This adds up to way more fluffy cakes in way less time, perfect for use in a diner or at home for a really special breakfast.

  1. Tacos

While not what most think of when it comes to cooking on a griddle, tacos can be made easy on this kind of cooking surface both directly and indirectly. Because of the even heating surface, taco meat can be browned in no time flat on the griddle itself or in cast-iron skillet places on top of the griddle. Either way, you use it will result in nicely browned and flavorful meat. It also provides a perfect surface to lightly toast some tortillas.

  1. Bacon and Eggs

Griddle Cooking

The perfect breakfast, bacon, and eggs are staples of griddle cooking for a reason. Steam grilled bacon cooks through evenly and crisps up much quicker and easier than in a traditional skillet. Not only that, the large cooking surface of a griddle allows you to make tons of strips at once. Plus, as the fat renders out, you can cook your eggs right on top of it at the same time. The high temperatures the steam griddle can reach ensure that the whites will be cooked through long before the yolks, too.

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