Three Easy Griddle Recipes That Will Be A Hit. Do you have a new griddle that you’re absolutely itching to try out, but haven’t found the perfect recipe? Look no further, as we have compiled a little list of some must-try recipes to get your new favorite cooking machine fired up:

Easy Griddle Cheese

Horrible pun aside, the perfect recipe to try out your new griddle is a classic: grilled cheese. The beauty of this recipe is that you can choose whatever your favorite cheese is, maybe a combination of cheeses, and pair it with your favorite bread. To add a bit of spice try adding a garlic butter mixture to crisp up the bread. We promise, it’ll be a new favorite.

French Toast

Another easy-to-make recipe for your griddle is the classic French toast. This is a great recipe to experiment with as there are so many ways of making it exciting. You can add granola to the recipe for an extra added crunch— it’s quite delicious. Another idea is to stuff your French toast before it goes on the griddle, try lemon curd, or even try another take on a classic like PB&J French toast. Regardless of your choice, it is certain to be delicious.


Like the grilled cheese, a Quesadilla is an excellent and easy choice to make and griddle. You can stuff it with different vegetables like onions and peppers to give it an extra kick. Try seasoning your Quesadilla with chili pepper, cumin, and a smidgen of paprika. You can use different kinds of tortilla wraps such as spinach tortillas or whole wheat to make it healthier. Like the grilled cheese you can choose whatever kinds of cheese you enjoy and really make it your own.

Quesadillas, Easy Griddle Recipes

There are tons of different recipes out there to try for your new griddle, and all those recipes can be altered to fit your palette. For more ideas you can check out our blog, where we have different recipes for any person’s taste buds to have a fun time. You can contact us with any questions, comments, or ideas to make your griddle experience as great as it can be.