Cooking can be stressful. Sometimes you need to get food on the table, and you need it FAST. Why not let the Steam Shell Griddle help you out? Traditional griddles use an electric heating element or gas burner to cook your food. The Steam Shell Griddle uses steam that constantly circulates under the griddle surface to cook your food. Here are three reasons why this will help you get a more delicious dish on the table in less time.

Reason #1: Steam Shell Griddle Consistency

Traditional griddles can fluctuate by up to 100°F on the surface, meaning some areas of your food may burn and others may not reach the correct temperature. This could also mean that your “ready in five minutes” cook-time could take much longer. The Steam Shell Griddle provides a consistent source of heat and an even surface temperature, so you know precisely how long to cook your food to get it to the perfect temperature every time.

Steam Shell Griddle

Reason #2: It’s Just Plain Faster

Large spikes or drops in the temperature of your cooking surface mean more time spent waiting for your griddle to reach the proper temperature. This is why traditional griddles suffer from declining surface temperatures and can take longer to cook your food. With the Steam Shell Griddle, continuously circulating steam equals instant temperature recovery, eliminating wasted time and increasing your output. Adding the Steam Shell lid system means your food cooks from the top down in addition to the hot grill surface, further reducing cooking times while maintaining juiciness and flavor.

Reason #3: Fewer Errors

The Steam Shell Griddle’s reliability and consistency means fewer errors in the kitchen. Completely even surface temperatures on the griddle surface mean that cooking times can be replicated time and time again, taking all the guesswork out of the equation. Additionally, the circulating steam means that moisture continually surrounds cooking food, so even if food is left on the griddle for too long, it won’t be dried out. Fewer errors mean less wasted food and better time management.

The Steam Shell Griddle will help your kitchen shorten cooking times while improving the quality of the food and increasing customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more, and start experiencing a more efficient way to cook.