There’s really nothing worse than sending your waiter or waitress out to explain to your guest that their food is taking longer than expected because of an error in the kitchen. Or worse, having a guest complain that there’s something wrong with their dish after it’s already in front of them. In this age of instant restaurant reviewing and social contact, it is more important than ever to get everything right the first time.

Luckily, American Griddle has thought of everything that can go wrong in the kitchen in order to avoid such mistakes. Here are a few ways that the Steam Shell Griddle cooks the competition:


  • Consistency. Whether you’re working in a small community or a big city, consistency is a huge asset for any restaurant. Your customers want to have the same great experience no matter who is holding the spatula, and with all-day exacting temperature and the complete absence of hot or cold spots, this griddle gives them that consistent taste, every time they come in.
  • Quality. It can be extremely frustrating when your perfect recipes are ruined by a grill that dries out your ingredients. This griddle envelopes moisture so well that you’ll never have to worry about the food going bad after it’s been on the griddle a little too long.
  • Speed. Sure, you want your guests to stick around awhile, maybe chatting over their meals or throwing a family party or watching the game. But, there’s no way that you want them spending that time waiting too long for their food. It may be hard to believe, but the Steam Shell Griddle really does cut cooking time in half, making even the busiest times of the day completely manageable.

Here at American Griddle, we pride ourselves on the fact that our griddles eliminate errors just as much as they add to the quality of food.