When you finish one order and move on to the next, having a griddle that’s still trying to heat back up to the temperature you selected can slow down a whole restaurant. Bit by bit a slow cook time can make order completion lag and keep your customers in their seats for longer instead of letting you have a quick turnover of satisfied customers through a lunch or evening rush. If you’re looking to speed up the minute by minute lag time of cooking orders or you want to permanently solve long-standing delays caused by slow cooking that is hurting your bottom line, an American Griddle can make cooking quick.

How quickly can an American Griddle’s Steam Shell griddle cook orders?

With a Steam Shell griddle, eggs are always done in under a minute. Sandwiches take no longer than four, and even a six-ounce frozen hamburger is cooked in six minutes. Because American Griddle uses steam to constantly replenish the heat energy in the cooking surface that is lost due to the air or cold ingredients, it’s always the temperature you want it to be without delay. The Steam Shell griddle will never lose heat and this was proven in a recovery test in which the griddle melted three pounds of ice in seven minutes, even when it was set on the exact same part of the cooking surface; other griddles could only melt one and a half pounds.

Steam Shell Griddle

What does a faster cooking time do for you?

It means you spend less time waiting. Previous routines that were set up to accommodate a longer cooking time can be trimmed and made more efficient so that your kitchen as a whole runs smoothly. Also, when orders are completed faster, customers can order and eat faster, too, and this means you can fill up your restaurant’s tables over and over again and keep business coming.

If you’d like to learn more about the cook times that American Griddle’s Steam Shell griddle can give you based on your ingredients and orders, please contact us here for more specifics.