More and more people are taking an interest in how food is prepared. This ranges from their own home-cooking to industrial food production and the health facts behind their favorite restaurants. Keeping your customers completely informed about secret spices, special techniques, or trade secrets is by no means required, but being able to discuss a few of the unique benefits of your meal preparation can win you quite a few loyal customers.

What are the benefits of steam cooking that your customers will care about?

  • Steam cooking is commonly considered a healthy alternative. If you want food to cook without sticking, you have a few options. The simplest usually involve some sort of oil to create a nonstick surface or cooking things wholly in water. But steaming everything from fish to fries is increasingly popular as people look for less oily alternatives. You can bring this up to customers, and having a Steam Shell Griddle also means you can add ‘steamed’ throughout your menu descriptions.
  • Steaming keeps food moist. Nobody likes dried food that isn’t supposed to be dry, and it can be one of the most common complaints about restaurant foods, especially as it’s always safer to risk overcooking certain proteins instead of serving them pink. Incorporating steam into your cooking process gives your customers more than an unsubstantiated claim about juicy hamburgers or chicken.


Everyone likes steam cooking, especially if it doesn’t sacrifice flavor. So, incorporate into your meals, your menu, and your talking points to keep customers engaged and coming back. Visit our website to get started.

About the American Griddle Corporation: American Griddle’s patented Steam Shell Technology has revolutionized the foodservice industry. By utilizing Steam Shell Technology, foods can be cooked with uniform temperatures, creating better tasting and more consistent results. Products are cooked from the top and bottom simultaneously, retaining all of the natural moisture and flavors that make your food taste great. Users experience benefits not seen in traditional electric griddles, such as consistent and faster cook times, no cross-flavoring and instant recovery.