Cooking on a griddle is a great way to make a lot of food really quick, though there’s no guarantee that food will all that appetizing if your chef doesn’t have a good handle on how to use the cooking surface properly. Though griddles excel at simplifying cooking, there is some skill needed to fully master them. That’s why you should take every advantage you can get when using one so that what you cook always comes out the best it can be.

That’s why the advent of industrial steam griddles has been so helpful in the restaurant business. Steam griddles take the convenient flat-top design of the standard griddle and manage to make it even better with the power of steam heating. By heating the cooking surface with steam, you get a more consistent and even cook at all times with no chance of hot spots.

Steam Griddles

Steam griddles are, in effect, almost error-proof. The even heating provided by steam keeps the griddle consistently hot while also allowing for easy and instantaneous shifts in temperature when you turn the knob. Quick recovery is also a plus, so throwing down more food or adjusting the temperature won’t take ages to get things back where you need them to be. There’s even the revolutionary steam shell design, the griddle working with a lid that goes over the entire surface to trap the steam on top and provide an even cook on both sides of the food at once. All told, you can cut your cooking times in half without compromising on quality.

A steam griddle is an almost miraculous invention for anyone who’s looking to up their cooking game. Contact American Griddle today to learn more about steam griddles and what they can do for your business or even home cooking setup.