One of the worst things to deal with as a cook is inconsistent cooking temperatures that could dramatically alter the quality of your food. With the Steam Shell Griddle, you don’t have to worry about food being under or overcooked, because you’ll get perfect results every time. No guesswork with half the cooking time normally required with regular griddles and stovetops.

How does the Steam Shell Griddle work? 

The secret to the Steam Shell Griddle’s success lies in the design concept. It’s important to know that steam can circulate and evenly distribute heat more efficiently than other cooking methods. This griddle takes advantage of this knowledge by circulating steam beneath the griddle plate which dishes out the heat without the temperature fluctuations. This ultimately prevents under and overcooked food which can be a chef’s worst nightmare. Many people aren’t willing to take that gamble.

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There are NO fluctuating temperatures which mean no burnt food!

The beauty of the Steam Shell Griddle is that it is a consistent cooking appliance. There are no “cold spots” with the Steam Shell Griddle. There will be consistent temperatures throughout with absolutely no fluctuations. This prevents the burning and drying out of food if left on the griddle for too long— a problem you would definitely have with a conventional griddle. This griddle uses smart technology to keep your food warm and delicious with an even cook.

Cut down on cooking times. 

Our griddles are so reliable that they can cut your cooking time by 50% This frees up space for other meals, and you’ll get quality food in half the time of using a normal stove or griddle. It’s not always about what a griddle can do as much as what it will prevent, and in this case, the Steam Shell Griddle has the potential for both.

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