Flavor matters whether you need to cook in a hurry or not. But relying on your staff to cook quickly, safely, and with a perfect amount of attention on flavor is a tall order. The best way to ensure success is with the right cooking tools and procedures in place so your staff has everything they need. Steam cooking is becoming a more and more valuable part in solving all three demands. Here’s how it helps your kitchen cook meat faster, safer, and tastier:

1. Cook it faster on all sides.

Trapping steam around cuts of meat as it cooks on the griddle means there’s more heat available that can start to cook through the sides and top of the meat. Instead of just heating up the bottom of the cut and waiting for that heat to rise through the center, you can cook all the sides simultaneously.


2. Don’t lose moisture.

Dry meat is hard to salvage, no matter how well it’s flavored. Closing the cuts of meat below a steam lid means the moisture can’t be whisked away by the air. The whole cooking environment is kept moist. It also means that a lot of the moisture returns to the meat so your staff doesn’t have to add more oils or sauces to hide the meat.

3. The meat is even less likely to stick.

A well-seasoned griddle surface makes it easy to lift cooked cuts of meat off of the surface. But it’s not always 100%. New griddles, inconsistently seasoned patches, and char on the meat’s surface can make the two stick together. But incorporating steaming into the cooking process means you’re more likely to be able to get the meat off the cooking surface without fighting it.

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