Fish and seafood proteins are difficult to deal with. There are dozens of different ways they can go off during the prep, storing, and cooking processes. Because of this, fish dishes are always treated with a vague air of suspicion by customers that don’t know your restaurant. At the same time, dry or overcooked seafood can drown your Yelp page in one-star reviews.

But the problem isn’t your recipes, and it’s probably not even where you source your seafood. It’s in your cooking tools. Here are three ways our Steam Shell Griddle can help you end up with the perfectly cooked seafood you know you can make:

Instant temperature recovery means you won’t cook shrimp or seafood for too long.

Shrimp is an easy type of seafood to accidentally overcook. Even if you and your staff know precisely how long shrimp need to cook and what temperature they need to cook at, your griddle might not be cooperating. Cold spots and poor temperature recovery can throw off the timing. And even if it makes the dish less tasty, it’s better to overcook than undercook.

But don’t be stuck having to make that hard choice again and again. Get a cooktop that can maintain the right temperature consistently.


The steam shell keeps fish moist and enhances its natural flavor.

If you want to showcase flaky, moist fish, then steam needs to be part of the cooking process. Our Steam Shell griddle lets you steam the fish even as you cook one side on the griddle surface. That means you can start serving fish with flaky meat and a crispy skin without cooking it twice.

You can maintain the fine line between undercooked and perfectly cooked.

It can seem like there’s only a split second between ‘undercooked’ and ‘perfectly cooked’ seafood, and the time is different for every marine protein. When you can trust your griddle to instantly recover the temperature when a cold piece of fish is put on its surface, you can flip it or plate it at just the right moment.

When it comes to seafood, every last detail of your cooking tools matter. Go to American Griddle to find a cooktop that keeps up.