Receiving and Damaged Goods Policy

Your American Griddle is shipped secured to a wooden skid with straps and a protective heavy-duty cardboard covering. Included on the cardboard cover are Tip N Tell and Drop N Tell security features.
There are two types of damaged merchandise:

  1. Visible damage where the cardboard covering has been damaged and is visibly seen.
  2. Concealed damage where damage to the equipment cannot be seen until the packaging material has been removed.

Receiving Procedures:

  1. At the time the American Griddle unit is received at the site; the person receiving the equipment should look for visible damage such as holes, punctures, or tears to the heavy-duty cardboard covering and document accordingly (refer to documenting damages below).
  2. Inspect both the Tip N Tell and Drop N Tell security features to determine if they have been activated. If one or both have been activated, this could indicate damage has resulted to the American Griddle unit even if there is no visible damage to the outer package covering.
  3. Document accordingly (refer to documenting damages below).
  4. American Griddle recommends the cardboard covering be removed before signing for receipt of shipment. By inspecting the American Griddle unit itself, you guarantee you are receiving a non-damaged piece of equipment.

How to document if damage has occurred as a result of shipping:

  1. If the person receiving the shipment sees any type of damage to the exterior packaging, or suspects damage to the American Griddle unit, it’s very important they document this on both the delivery receipt and Bill of Lading before the driver leaves the site.
  2. In the delivery receipt and Bill of Lading, be as specific as possible when describing the damage. Typical verbiage used begins with “Subject to claim”, then state the damage.
  3. If receiving damaged equipment, please contact American Griddle Customer Service immediately at 877-753-1023 and save all packing materials.

Proper documentation is important when receiving your griddle because it’s the only way American Griddle can submit a damage claim to the transportation company.

Without proper documentation, it can only be assumed that the damage to the griddle occurred after the delivery was made. Therefore, the cost to repair or replace the griddle would be the responsibility of the company which received the unit and signed for the receipt.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policy or a unit you have received, please contact us using the form below or call Toll-Free 877-753-1023