Proven Results

The Steam Shell Griddle has proven time and again to produce better tasting food and substantially reduce cook times.  Designed for both large and small menus, the Steam Shell will prove to impact your kitchen in a positive manner. We guarantee it!

CHICKEN BREAST – thawed 4oz. 4 minutes
5oz. 5 minutes
HAMBURGER – frozen 4oz. 3-4 minutes
6oz. 5-6 minutes
PORK CHOPS – fresh 6oz. center cut 6 minutes
EGGS – fresh 2 fried under 1 minute
3 omelet under 1 minute
2 scrambled under 1 minute
SAUSAGE – thawed 2oz. patties 3 minutes
1oz. links 6-8 minutes
FRENCH TOAST – fresh 3oz. 3 minutes
REUBEN SANDWICH – fresh 8oz. 4 minutes
GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH – fresh 4.5oz. 2 minutes
QUESADILLAS – fresh 12″ under 1 minute
SHRIMP – thawed 20 pieces 1.5 minutes
CRAB CAKES – thawed 4oz. 4 minutes
SALMON – thawed 8oz. 4-5 minutes
MUSHROOMS – fresh 16oz. sliced 3 minutes
BELL PEPPERS & ONIONS – fresh 24oz. 1/2″ cut 3 minutes
In a competitive recovery test, when repeatedly loaded with ice on the same area of the griddle, American Griddle’s Steam Shell griddle melted 3 pounds of ice in just 7 minutes, while competitive griddles only managed to melt 1.5 pounds. Even against a heavy load of ice, the Steam Shell Griddle continues to hold an accurate temperature, while conventional griddles suffer a rapid decline, causing unpredictable temperatures across the surface.