Your menu has to appeal to as wide an audience as possible without alienating your primary target market. If you’ve been considering adding more steamed options to lure in older eaters but you don’t want to bore your millennial market, don’t worry. Done correctly, steamed ingredients and menu options can appeal just as much to your younger markets. Here’s why:

1. Millennials dine out more and want healthy options.

More and more millennials are regularly going to restaurants instead of cooking at home. This trend is even stronger in urban areas where people have long office hours and long commutes. Because dining out is a standard part of many millennials’ days, they don’t want fried and unhealthy options to be the only options. Instead, they’re looking for restaurants that can give them appealing vegetable and protein options.

2. Steamed vegetables and meals look better on camera.

Instagram is shaping up to be one of the most powerful social media networks, especially for millennials. And while the trend can be a bit of a joke, people still take pictures of their meals and post them. Steamed vegetables look better on camera. They keep their shape and color. So make sure your meals are always ready to look good on camera so you can benefit from high-visibility posts and influencers.


3. The millennial market is getting older.

The media has a bad habit of treating “the millennial generation” like they’re still teenagers. But millennials are in their thirties and the last half of their twenties. Don’t let Instagram habits fool you. They want vegetables, they’re watching their blood pressure, and they’re scanning the heart-healthy section of your menu just like your older customers. So become their go-to restaurant between work and home that actually gives them a lunch they want.

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