Instant recovery: keeping America’s community pancake breakfasts sizzling. According to various entities, including the USDA and Statistic Brain, almost half of America’s population consumes breakfast on a daily basis and we can guess why. Chances are good that they know engaging in such behavior is healthy for them.  And who among us can argue against wanting to be in good health?

Of course, as The Washington Post and others have pointed out, what American’s eat for breakfast varies widely from state to state. In addition, their choices will undoubtedly affect their health. Many choose pancakes and perhaps that’s why hosting a community breakfast remains a popular way to raise funds for various organizations.

Organizations that choose to host pancake breakfasts consistently turn to American Griddle for their cooking needs. Unlike other appliances used to pull off community breakfast events, American Griddle’s offerings boast instant recovery and ease of use. Why are instant recovery capabilities and ease of use essential to hosting a perfect pancake breakfast? We’ll tell you why:

Instant Recovery

For one, it ensures that every pancake community volunteers make for the event is hot, fresh and cooked to perfection. So it doesn’t matter if 50 people come to the fundraiser or 5,000. They’ll all receive the best pancakes in the shortest time possible. Understandably, this gives host organizations the greatest chance of raising funds for their pet causes.

In addition, models with instant recovery are compact and relatively easy to transport as well as store. They’re also made in the USA and meet all of the safety requirements typically required by health inspectors and event venues. As such, they are ideal for organizations that opt to host their pancake breakfasts at both on and off-site locations. The list of suitable locations includes but is not limited to, firehouses and church halls.

To learn why American Griddle’s offering continue to keep America’s community pancake fundraisers successful, please contact us today.