The cook may not be taking orders or handling customer service, but the quality and speed of their work is one of the most judged factors in determining if a diner becomes a repeat customer or leaves an unpleasant review. If you want your customers to walk out of your restaurant full, satisfied, and posting pictures of your food with positive hashtags, American Griddle’s Steam Shell Griddle is the way to go!

We spent more than a decade researching and developing the Steam Shell Griddle in order to help enhance food quality and found that steam is the most effective way to enhance the flavor of the food and improve cooking time.

Reduce Your Kitchen’s Cook Time

Our steam surface heating system allows heat to circulate evenly, which eliminates uneven cooking surfaces. The fluctuating heat on an electric griddle surface can cause uneven cooking, burning, and irregular cooking times. Your cooks are wasting time if they can’t use the whole surface because the edges don’t heat as well, or they cannot predict the most efficient way to cook as much food as possible due to fluctuations in the temperatures of your equipment. Or they may even be creating food waste when the temperature spikes and burns the food. A consistent temperature means your cooks can prepare delicious menu items predictably and serve them in a timely manner. 

cook time

The other half of our patented technology that gets food to the table faster is the Steam Shell lid. No more grabbing pans to cover food in order to trap steam and cook it more quickly! Our lid system allows steam to circulate and disperse back onto the food so that it retains its natural moisture. This method reduces cooking time up to 50% without drying out or overcooking your food! 

Faster cooking times mean your customers are served more quickly. Faster service means higher table turnover. They enjoy tastier food as well, and customers who like what they eat are generally happier and more likely to spread the word about your restaurant! 

American Griddle Reduced Cook Times

If you are looking for speed, consistency, and enhanced food quality to help build profitability and customer satisfaction, contact us to find out more about making the Steam Shell Griddle a staple in your kitchen!