A griddle has many benefits. The most prominent one for a busy family or a restaurant is its ability to crank out a variety of foods quickly. This allows it to feed many people in a short period, and this cuts down on children whining, increases table turnover, and makes everyone happier. Capitalizing on this aspect is easy with a few menu tweaks.

Whole Meals

Certain foods are eaten on their own and are still considered full meals. Sandwiches such as burgers can be peddled this way if you get creative with the toppings and put them on top of the burger. Hash and omelets are examples where you simply fry up what you have and slide it next to a piece of bread on a plate before serving. Most people will feel full and thoroughly satisfied with this presentation provided there are protein and vegetables in the meal. Stuffed pancakes and crêpes can often be served alone. Survey your menu for items that can be one-item meals and go to town.


Pre-made Sides

Busy restaurants can have a standard set of salads that your prep team can have made in abundance in the morning and then wait in the refrigerator until customers order them with their standard griddle item. Slap a portion of salad on the side, and suddenly your simple item has become a full, fancy meal in the eyes of many. This allows you to serve several customers at once, and nobody gets held up by needing to make a side dish.

All Items Are Griddle Items

A big griddle allows you to make vegetables on one side, your meat items on the other, and your grains in the middle. A whole breakfast, lunch, or dinner for one person can be pulled together on one griddle with nothing taking much longer than the other to cook. No meal has to be held up just because the meat is taking extra long.

You can do all of these things if you have a Steam Shell Griddle. Its instant temperature recovery feature means that the surface provides consistent heat, allowing you to test different elements of your meal on your griddle with confidence, and the steam feature ensures that everything comes out moist and tender. If you would like a griddle like this, contact us.