We all would like to eat healthfully. It shows up on many New Year’s resolution lists, and there are multitudes of books on the subject. However, sometimes what you need in order to eat healthfully is a tool. This is where the Steam Shell Griddle comes in because it provides two benefits that make cooking healthy food a breeze.

Improves Safety

Every year, about a quarter of Americans suffer from bouts of food poisoning, and much of that comes from food being undercooked. This is why every class on food safety drills into your head the need to get food to a minimum internal temperature. This prescribed heat is supposed to kill bacteria common in that food.  Cooking surfaces that have cold or hot spots make it hard to achieve and maintain the correct internal temperature, and this leads to both burnt-outsides and underdone middles. This forces chefs to get their foods off the heat before it is safe.

The Steam Shell Griddle’s automatic temperature recovery feature, however, creates even cooking surfaces that do not have any cold spots. This means that you reach the minimum internal temperature without burning the outside of your food item. It will be quite safe to eat after that.

Healthy Food

Makes Healthy Food Easier To Use

A big contributor to unhealthy eating habits is a lack of time. People spend an average of 33 minutes a day on food preparation and clean-up, and studies have shown that this is because many people are strapped for time. This leads to people ordering in more and serving foods whose main selling point is that it is convenient.

Cooking with steam is fast, and that is why the Steam Shell Griddle uses it. You can prepare healthy vegetables and lean meats in minutes. That makes it easier and more fun to use healthy food.

If you want a griddle that will help you make healthy eating fun and easy, contact us.