Oh the weather outside is frightful, but that’s okay–your Steam Shell Griddle is the perfect tool to get you warmed up! Whether you’re whipping up some breakfast for your family or sauteing some veggies for a dinner party, there are plenty of griddle recipes to love this winter.

What better reason to fire up your griddle on a frosty winter morning than to make some piping hot pancakes? There are plenty of recipes out there, but this IHOP copycat recipe will be a winner all-around. Melted butter and maple syrup make the perfect pair in these fluffy, sweet griddle cakes.

For a more savory approach to griddle cooking, try Food Network’s B.E.G. Sandwich. This breakfast/lunch mashup is hearty enough to keep you full throughout the day. The secret of this griddle recipe is to cook the bread in bacon grease, which will also warm you through and make your palette weep with joy. 

Here’s a twist on the traditional use for a griddle: use your Steam Shell Griddle to garnish your cocktails. Really! Grill your lemons before mixing your guests a drink. Sugar will add a crunchy sweetness to the normally tart fruit, and you will wonder why you never tried doing it before!

If you’re craving a juicy steak, but the wind, rain, and/or snow is preventing you from firing up the barbecue, look no further than your Steam Shell Griddle. Using this method on livestrong.com, a delicious rib-eye steak doesn’t have to be grilled outside. And the best part is, this griddle recipe only takes about 15 minutes total (assuming the meat was thawed ahead of time), so you can have a yummy dinner in no time at all.

S’mores are a campfire favorite, but trekking out to the wilderness isn’t a requirement anymore. This griddle recipe for a s’mores roll-up is sure to satisfy your yearning for all the gooey, chocolatey deliciousness you could ever want!

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