Pancakes are the best foods for most meals. They are inherently sweet but can be made savory. They can be sold as healthy or decadent. There are so many variations that there are no people who don’t at least not like at least one type. When you get a griddle, it is practically mandatory to experiment with types of pancakes. So, where should you start?

Pancakes and Vegetables

Can veggies be added to pancakes to make them delicious? Yes. Some vegetables are naturally sweet, and you can shred them so that they can cook quickly. It’s a great place to use carrots, turnips, or parsnips. Other types of greens can be added to the pancakes.

Types of Flour


There are many types of flour to use in a pancake. Buckwheat is popular for its nuttiness, and whole wheat has an earthy taste and has health halo. Those are not the only options for a nutty taste though. Rye and barley can give a pancake a savory kick. You can use potato flour or any other type. You should be warned that it takes a lot of testing in order to make the right texture.


The classics are whipped cream, maple syrup, and butter. However, you don’t need to limit yourself. The syrup can be fruit-flavored, and so can the butter. Ham and cream cheese can be made into a fine topping for a wheat pancake. Green onions can go in the pancake and in the topping. Sour cream can be thrown on.

When you want to make all the beautiful pancakes anyone will love, you will want to invest in a steam lid griddle. The steam technology will preserve the moisture of whatever you put in your pancakes and it will make sure that your pancake won’t burn to a crisp. If you want to have a great griddle to make pancakes with, contact us.