Halloumi cheese and your griddle. When we think “fried cheese,” most of us think of breaded, deep-fried curds. With your Steam Shell Griddle, however, fried cheese can take on a whole new meaning!

Halloumi is a semi-hard, salty white cheese which is popular throughout the Mediterranean. You may have had it at your favorite Greek restaurant as saganaki, which translates to “fried cheese.” Because of its high melting point, it stays firm when heated, unlike many softer kinds of cheese. This makes it perfect to fry on a griddle. You can find it at many local supermarkets, including Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

Try adding some olive oil to the surface of your Steam Shell Griddle and setting it on high heat. After the oil has warmed sufficiently, place a slab of halloumi on top. After 2 minutes, flip the halloumi over. It should be a beautiful golden brown color. Let the other side brown for a couple of minutes, and then take it off the griddle. It’s as easy as that!

There are many different ways you can serve fried halloumi. It can be eaten on its own, especially cut into smaller pieces, as a snack. Some people like to put it on bread. Others, however, like to serve it alongside some vegetables or in a salad. The texture contrast between crunchy greens and warm, salty halloumi can be incredible.

Halloumi cheese

You can also add ingredients to the halloumi cheese before frying it in order to make it even more flavorful. Try simply grinding some fresh black pepper onto both sides of the cheese before placing it on the Steam Shell Griddle. If you would like even more flavor, you could try marinating it. Add some lemon juice, thyme (fresh or dried will both work), and olive oil to a bowl, and then rub both sides of your halloumi cheese with this marinade. Let it sit for an hour in your refrigerator, and then fry it on the Steam Shell Griddle using the directions above. You will be surprised at how complex in taste this cheese can be.

Experiment with different marinades and spices! You’re sure to find a method you love. If you contact us, we would love to hear about how you fried your halloumi on one of our Steam Shell Griddles.