Griddle Recipe for Tuna and Fruit Salsa. Tuna is a dish that many people get from a can or a plastic pouch as a quick meal. It is the perfect, healthy meal on the go when served in this manner. However, many supermarkets or fishmongers will sell tuna streaks, which elevate this humble fish into a proper meal that is tasty in its own right and is considered healthier than red meat.

Salsa is usually something that one spreads or crams into a tex-mex meal and consists of tomato, jalapeno, and onion. However, all varieties of salsa consist of just about any plant-based ingredient known to human beings. The condiment has spread from its Hispanic origins and can be put on a variety of dishes. A fruit-based salsa can add a hint of sweetness to a fish dish such as tuna.

Tuna and Fruit Salsa Ingredients

  • Two fresh tuna steaks
  • Peanut oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • One mango
  • One-half red onion
  • One bell pepper
  • Two jalapenos
  • Two tablespoons cilantro
  • Two limes
  • One-quarter cup sugar

Fruit Salsa


  • Dice the mango, chop the onion, dice the bell pepper, deseed and chop the jalapeno, chop the cilantro.
  • Mix the above ingredients in a bowl thoroughly.
  • Pour the juice of the two lines and the sugar on top and mix some more.
  • Seal the bowl and refrigerate overnight.
  • Heat the griddle on medium-high.
  • Add the peanut oil.
  • Salt and pepper the tuna steaks to taste
  • Sear the tuna steaks on the griddle for about four minutes on each side
  • Plate the tuna steaks and allow them to rest for five minutes.
  • Slice the tuna steaks in one-quarter-inch slices.
  • Top with salsa and serve.

This dish goes very well with rice and a side salad. You should serve it with fruit smoothies, lemonade, or fruit-flavored iced tea. Ice cream works well as a dessert dish.

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