In a 2009 study published by the Institute of Food Technologists in the Journal of Food Science found that using a griddle to cook or roast vegetables was among the best ways to maintain the level of antioxidants. Compared to boiling, pressure-cooking, baking, microwaving and frying, griddle cooking was found to be among the best methods for preserving these important antioxidants.  According to the study, certain types of vegetables could lose as much as 50% of their beneficial antioxidants depending on the cooking method. With Microwave Heating, Griddle cooking, or the Baking Process, ascorbic acids and antioxidants are released at a smaller rate than with pressure-cooking, boiling, or frying. However, the results of the study found that Microwave Heating and Griddle Cooking were the best at protecting and maintaining essential antioxidants.

“Griddle- and microwave-cooking helped maintain the highest levels of antioxidants, produced the lowest losses while “pressure-cooking and boiling [led] to the greatest losses,” says lead researcher A. M. Jiménez-Monreal. “In short, water is not the cook’s best friend when it comes to preparing vegetables.”

With the Steam Shell , by the American Griddle Company, vegetables are evenly cooked across unvarying temperatures helping to retain product moisture and important antioxidants. When preparing vegetables on the Steam Shell Griddle, cook times are reduced by up to 50% on most items.



Broccoli 16oz-6-7 Minutes

Asparagus 11oz-5-6 Minutes left whole

Whole Mushrooms 16 oz-6-7 Minutes

Sliced Mushrooms 16 oz-3 Minutes

Peppers and Onions 24oz-3 Minutes diced or sliced

Carrots 16oz-6-7 Minutes

Corn 16oz-5 Minutes

American Griddle’s patented steam shell technology has revolutionized the food service industry. The Steam Shell Griddle uses circulating steam to heat the griddle surface. With a consistent and steady source of heat, this means no more hot and cold spots. Food products are able to be cooked under uniform temperatures, creating a better tasting and more consistent experience.  The constant, even heat also means no more spikes or extreme drops in temperature. Additional benefits not seen in traditional electric griddles include, faster cook times, uniform temperatures, consistent results and instant recovery.

Journal of Food Science

Volume 74, Issue 3, pages H97–H103, April 2009