When you think of a griddle, I’m sure you’re imagining the typical things associated with it: pancakes, eggs, perhaps a grilled cheese. Well, what if we told you that you can make so much more with a griddle? In fact, it can often be used in place of many other kitchen utensils, and gives your food a new delicious taste!

Upgrade Your Meat Game

You can make so many delicious recipes using our American Griddle. One of our favorite things to cook with our griddle is our meats!

Who doesn’t love a good burger? What about a burger that tastes just like Smash Burger? Yup, you can recreate one of the most desired burgers in the burger industry right at home with our Smash Burger recipe! It’s incredibly simple, and everyone will adore your recreation of these burgers!

Want something even fancier to knock your friends’ and families’ socks off? How about our amazing Filet Mignon Skewer recipe? It’s true, you can create the most delicious, perfectly seasoned filet mignon right on our American Griddle! It’s perfect for those summer kebabs, an upgraded and impressive salad, or a warm stew for the colder months.


Still, looking for the ultimate challenge? Well, have we got the griddle recipe for you. We have a Bold Guinness Beef recipe that will take the gold medal at any dinner. This is the ultimate challenge, with the best payout. While it may take more time than the other recipes, the ability to use your griddle makes this a fun and easier method to make delicious beef. In fact, you can then use the beef in any way you see fit. Pair it with a nice side, or use this as a first step in making a shepherd’s pie. Either way, everyone is going to be beyond impressed with your meat game.

Savory Griddle Sandwiches

It may have already occurred to you that you can use your American Griddle to make a grilled cheese. This is true, and quite delicious, but what if we showed you how to take your sandwiches to the next level?

How would you feel about impressing your loved ones with a delicious Monte Cristo sandwich? What about The Holy Grail of Monte Cristo sandwich? Yeah, we have a recipe for it, and, yes, it has earned its title! It’s delicious, it’s devious, it’s the sandwich to put all other melts to shame. If you don’t know what a Monte Cristo sandwich is, it’s the marriage of French toast, ham, cheese, powdered sugar, and fruit compote that will blast away your taste buds to a land of pleasure.

Maybe you’re thinking Monte Cristo isn’t for you, and that you’d prefer something more simple. How about our Authentic Philly Cheese Steak recipe? It has the wonderful, classic taste of a Philly Cheese Steak, and the ease of only having to use your American Griddle. It’s a classic staple for a reason, and you won’t be upset you made it!

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, but I love a simple grilled cheese? Well, what if we suggested you can still make a grilled cheese, obviously, but at an even tastier level? We have a Gooey Grilled Cheese recipe that will knock your socks off, and is really as simple as making your typical grilled cheese!

We hope you can now see how your American Griddle truly can be used for so many delicious recipes! In fact, you can find even more on our site if you’re itching for more after giving these a go! Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult and full of dirty dishes to be satisfying. For any questions or inquiries into an American Griddle, you can contact us┬áhere.