There is nothing quite so common and as comforting as a dish of scrambled eggs. You take a couple of eggs, whip them into a yellow ooze, add some pepper, salt, and melted butter, then pour them into a hot pan, folding and stirring the mixture until it becomes a warm, firm mass and a protein-rich part of a daily breakfast.

As it turns out, a lot of cultures have their own versions of the humble scrambled eggs, kicked up a notch, with a few additional ingredients. Such is the case of a version that comes from the Indian subcontinent which, like a lot of other dishes from there, has a little extra heat to it.  Welcome to a dish called Egg Bruhj.

Ingredients for Indian-style Scrambled Eggs

Two eggs

Two tablespoons chopped onion

One green chili chopped

One tablespoon chopped ginger

Two tablespoons chopped tomato

One tablespoon chopped coriander

One teaspoon turmeric powder

One tablespoon of vegetable oil

Scrambled Eggs


Switch on the griddle to medium-high heat and lightly coat with the oil

In a bowl combine the eggs, onions, green chile, ginger, tomato, coriander, and turmeric, and beat thoroughly until the eggs and the other ingredients are smoothed.

Pour the egg mixture onto the griddle

Let the eggs sit for about 20 seconds. Fold and lift using a wooden spoon and continue to cook until no visible liquid is left.

Using a spatula, remove the scrambled eggs from the griddle and place on a plate. Serve hot along with biscuits or naan, an Indian flatbread.

This form of the scrambled eggs will go great, by the way, with bacon or breakfast sausages. However, in keeping with the Indian theme, the dish washes down well with a glass of lassi, a yogurt-based drink that is best served either sweet or with added fruit, especially mango.

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