When it comes to cooking, a lot of different variables can impact the finished product. Everything from the seasonality of the specific ingredients to humidity to temperature can impact the dish, and when you run a busy kitchen minimizing those variables is crucial to making sure your customers are served delicious, high-quality orders every time. Remove several variables at once just by making sure your griddle is evenly distributing heat along the surface.

How does even heat distribution help your food taste even better?

The Steam Shell Griddle’s surface is heated through steam carrying the energy from the heating element to every inch of the cooking surface. This means you can more exactly regulate the temperature depending on the types of orders you’re cooking or the ingredients you’re preparing. Commercial cooking means taking advantage of every inch of space so you can prepare orders quickly, and a surface with guaranteed heat distribution lets you do precisely that without you having to worry that any hamburgers along the edges of the griddle will be undercooked or that the ones in the middle will run the risk of getting burned.


Because you can control the temperature to match whatever you’re cooking, you can focus on getting the right browning and caramelization on your meat. Meat is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, especially if your customer ordered a burger rare or well done, and knowing that your temperature will remain stable means you can customize orders through cook time alone rather than having to constantly check on the meat.

Good equipment is just as important as good ingredients, and a guarantee of finely tuned, even heat distribution is a guarantee your business deserves so you can keep serving customers the best version of your menu. If you’d like to learn more about the Steam Shell Griddle and see if one has a place in your kitchen, browse American Griddle’s products here.