Faster cook times can mean the difference between repeat customers and an empty dining room. We all know that hungry people are often unhappy people.  The longer they wait for their food, the unhappier and more impatient they become.  To quickly turn famished frowns into satisfying smiles, American Griddle’s Steam Shell Griddle is the modern solution your kitchen needs.

When the pressure mounts to quickly create great-tasting food, the Steam Shell Griddle is there for you.  Just like a trusted best friend it will provide reliability, uniformity, and consistency.

Our griddle is an invaluable tool for both new and experienced cooks.  Regardless of your menu size, your kitchen will greatly benefit from the high-quality food you’ll be able to quickly produce.

A Quick and Ideal Cooking Environment:

The Steam Shell Griddle operates by continuously circulating steam to heat the entire griddle surface.  This ideal cooking environment ensures exact and equal temperature distribution.  The steam encompasses foods and cooks evenly while retaining moisture.

With a guarantee of reliable, consistent heat, you and your hungry patrons will reap the rewards of instant temperature recovery.  You’ll have an opportunity to bid farewell to frustrating temperature fluctuations that slow you down.

Faster Cook Times

In fact, we recognize your need for kitchen speed and that’s exactly why our griddle utilizes steam.  It transfers heat faster and more efficiently than any other method.  Food is cooked quickly — up to an incredible 50% faster — while still preserving mouth-watering natural flavors and downright delicious juiciness.  That’s a huge win-win!

Full Steam Ahead to Faster Cook Times

When you have people to feed and time is of the essence, a conventional griddle is not the most effective option.  You don’t have valuable time to waste on surface temperature inconsistencies, the dips, and the spikes, but that’s exactly what you get.  Your customers will not appreciate that avoidable delay.

Instead, American Griddle’s patented Steam Shell technology offers the innovation you need.  Your foods will cook from top to bottom simultaneously, allowing for greater efficiency.  Just like a beloved, tried and true recipe, the Steam Shell Griddle will not let you down.

To learn more about the amazing benefits the Steam Shell Griddle provides, click here.  Feel free to contact us today!