If you’re a restaurant owner, chances are you have been down the line with many of the extensive options of industrial griddles to improve the quality of your product. Traditional griddles use a gas or electric element to heat the surface, causing the product to either heat way too much, or heat irregularly, causing the product to either come out under-cooked or way overcooked, sacrificing efficiency and time, along with unhappy guests. Luckily, American Griddle came up with the Steam Shell Griddle, a product that uses the power of steam to heat the surface, rather than gas or electric burners, creating an even cooking surface that will not only cook thoroughly but also retain natural moisture and flavor throughout the cooking process.

The Steam Shell Griddle, by adding steam, works with your food, not against it. This is the most important part of our system; It’s what makes our griddle unique from all others on the market. By using steam instead of conventional means, your food comes out moist, cooked evenly, and faster, providing your guests with the quality they deserve and have paid for. We also have the Steam Shell lid system, which envelopes the food in steam to cook from the top, in cooperation with the griddle’s surface, to cut cook times in half and to cook without damaging or drying out the product.


The Steam Shell lid is a GREAT tool for cooking items like burgers, seafood, chicken breasts, frozen products, etc., not only due to the quick cook times, but also since these are the most common items to be overcooked, under-cooked, or come out just plain rubbery because of the uneven surfaces of traditional griddle methods. Your customers’ smiles will thank you as they dig into steaks, burgers, and chicken that is cooked to perfection, every time, sealing in all of the flavors that you worked so hard to prepare. If you have marinated products, that’s even better, because our steam griddle technology will keep it all in, and take nothing out, leaving your foods tasting fresh and delicious.

Vegetables, meats, and everything in between: Nothing can get in the way of the Steam Shell Griddle, and its patented technology to help you cook better, and let your guests taste better! Please visit our website at American Griddle to explore more on the benefits and quality of the Steam Shell Griddle, watch a video to see our amazing technology at work, and to request a demo to see how our griddle can change the way your kitchen cooks for years to come.

Please contact us at American Griddle for any further information on sales, product information, or general questions. We look forward to hearing from you!