Four finishing touches that turn your menu from fine to fantastic. Good food isn’t enough anymore. In the highly competitive world of restaurants, everything about your food has to be fantastic. Here’s how the right griddle can help:

1. Steam and grill the buns.

Every chef talks about going back to the basics when making good food. Part of this is the growing focus on premium ingredients and clean eating. But it’s also because good food needs that solid foundation. One thing that’s always on the list but is easy to overlook is bread. Whether you’re prepping sandwiches, sausages, or burgers, make sure the inside of your buns are grilled to a moisture-resistant finish and the bread itself is steamed instead of dried out.

2. Use high heat instead of oil for crisp edges.

Oil and frying are easy ways to add texture and crunch to restaurant orders. Frying is also an easy way to make sure the food gets up to the minimum safe temperature. But more and more patrons are becoming health-conscious no matter what age they are. Instead of relying on frying for crispy edges, use consistently high heat. Roasting and grilling give food snap and crunch.


3. Use different textures instead of different ingredients.

The further you can stretch a small variety of ingredients into an endless array of menu options, the more efficient your restaurant’s food budget will be. Specialty inventories that aren’t used in time are a costly waste. But being able to fix vegetables and stock cuts of meat different ways and with different condiments means your predictions will be more on target. Look for versatile cooking tools instead of expanding your shopping list.

4. Reheat without hurting the texture.

Prepping food during the slow hours is often the only way to keep up with peak demand. But reheating can go terribly wrong. Even once you know the food is safe and still tastes good, you have to worry about dryness, gummy-feeling crusts, and one-note textures. A high-heat grill with a steam basket can add heat without ruining the texture.

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