Effectively and quickly cooking food is a staple of restaurants, but it’s easy for things to fall short in both areas. Without the right equipment, your food just won’t turn out as good as it should. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for second best; instead, try American Griddle’s steam griddles. There are plenty of great things about our product, but one of the best is surely how quickly it can cook your food.

Steam Griddles Faster Cook Times

A major benefit of the steam griddle is its ability to cook quickly. Not only do you have the even-temperature cooking surface to keep things consistent, American Griddle’s steam griddles also add our Steam Shell lid system to the equation. These both trap steam over the food as well as inject new, hot steam on top of it, reducing cooking times by as much as 50%. This also keeps your food moist.

Food Tastes Better on a Griddle

Faster Cook Times

In addition to cooking quickly, you’ll find that what you make on an American Griddle steam griddle tastes delicious. A major part of this is the even-temperature cooking surface mentioned before. Thanks to our steam-heating method, the griddle’s surface always stays at a consistent temperature regardless of how much food you put on it. This also allows for precise temperature control, in addition to near-instant temperature adjustment. This means your food cooks evenly without the danger of hot spots, producing better results than a traditional griddle, skillet, or another cooking surface.

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There’s plenty of benefits to American Griddle’s steam griddles that we haven’t covered here. If you’re in need of better food that you can cook more of at a time at quicker speeds, we’re exactly what you’ve been looking for. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products.