There are two things most customers want when they sit down to eat at a restaurant: great food and fast service.

There are several factors that can slow your service, but your cook times shouldn’t be one of them. The Steam Shell Griddle allows for faster cook times without sacrificing quality. In fact, it even improves the quality by allowing the food to retain its natural moisture and flavor.¬†

How does the Steam Shell help you achieve faster cook times? Like this:

Precise Temperature

Using constantly circulating steam heat, the surface temperature of the griddle remains constant, no matter how much food is added or removed. You don’t have to worry about hot or cold spots on the surface.

Steam Above and Below

In addition to the hot griddle surface, the Steam Shell also uses fresh steam to cook food from the top.¬†Enjoy up to 50% faster cook times without worrying about drying out the food you’re preparing.

No Guesswork

Because you can trust the constant temperature, you know exactly how long your food will take to cook. Every time. No double-checking to make up for temperature variants that may or may not have occurred on a traditional griddle.


You’re able to prepare delicious food consistently, which is key to running an efficient kitchen. Not only are you providing faster service to your customers and allowing for a quicker turnover on the griddle to accommodate a busy lunch rush, but you’re also eliminating waste that happens with cooking errors.

The Steam Shell Griddle has proven time and again to produce better tasting food and substantially reduce cook times. Designed for both large and small menus, the Steam Shell will prove to impact your kitchen in a positive manner. Faster cook times are just one of many benefits of using the Steam Shell Griddle in your kitchen. Contact us to request a demo or to see about adding a Steam Shell to your cooking operation.