How would you like to perfectly cook your customers’ morning eggs in under one minute on a regular basis? What about cooking 20 pieces of shrimp to perfection in under one-and-a-half minutes? That sounds great, doesn’t it? These faster cook times are possible with The Steam Shell Griddle. In fact, we guarantee it! We’ve spent more than a decade crafting the perfect piece of kitchen equipment that enhances the food you serve without having your customers wait longer for their food. 

Your customers want quality food and quality service, both critical ingredients needed for success in the food-service industry. American Griddle’s passion for improving the way you cook is revolutionary, and it beings with our patented Steam Shell Technology, which guarantees you’ll see uniform temperatures, better quality, consistent cook times, and instant surface temperature recovery.

Steam Shell Griddle

Faster Cook Times

The Steam Shell Griddle’s heated cooking surface circulates heat evenly so you don’t have to worry about extreme drops or spikes in temperature. Once food hits the surface on a conventional cooking griddle the temperature can drastically reduce, causing inconsistencies and frustration whilst cooking. With The Steam Shell Griddle, our ingenious discoveries have paired a steam-heated cooking surface with a one-of-a-kind steam injector lid that injects fresh steam that cooks from the top, which makes for faster cooking times.

There is not another piece of quality kitchen equipment on the market that can match The Steam Shell Griddle’s consistency and performance. For example, when matched against a competitive griddle, The Steam Shell Griddle melted 3 lbs. of ice in just seven minutes compared to a leading competitor’s 1.5 lbs. in the same amount of time. This head-to-head test confirms that The Steam Shell Griddle holds an accurate surface temperature while the competitor’s surface temperature proves inconsistent.

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