People get into the hospitality industry because they love people and want to give them good experiences. They also want to keep their business going. An important way of doing all of that is to speed up cooking times, and this is true for two reasons.

Faster Cook Times Increase Table Turnover

The faster that you can seat and feed people, the more people that you can serve. This pumps up your profits, and that can be the difference between surviving a year when you don’t have many tables. Now, trying to get people to eat faster won’t work well. The customers will grumble because they view eating out as fun. However, they will appreciate getting their food quickly, and it will contribute to them leaving earlier while still liking your restaurant. A griddle that halves cooking times will do that.

Faster Cook Times

Keep Customers Happy

People hate waiting for food. They are hungry right now, and they sometimes can’t wait for their food because they have somewhere to go. People in these situations put a premium on how quickly they get their food. Customers will come back all the time if they don’t have to sit around waiting. A fast griddle will help you keep them happy.

Fortunately, there is a piece of equipment that will help you do that.

The American Steam Shell Griddle has several features that decrease cooking times. The steam cooks faster than merely heating a surface, and it makes sure that they cook evenly so that you don’t have to spend time constantly moving things. The surfaces are all the same temperature so that you don’t have to look for hot spots in order to cook faster. The instant recovery feature lets you move onto the next food item without waiting for the griddle to reach the right temperature between meals.

If you are interested in speeding up your cooking time, we have the griddle for you. Contact us for more information.