Fetting faster cook times without impacting food quality. We’ve all been there: you have dozens and dozens of customers waiting for their food and you need to hurry through your cooking as fast as possible while still preparing a high-quality meal. Regardless of the situation and the customers, here are some tips that will help you to achieve faster cook times while still ensuring that your food does not take a hit to its quality.

Thin Cuts

Food that is cut thinly will cook a great deal faster than the thick kind. You should cut all of your food into the smallest pieces that you possibly can when cooking. This will result in even faster cooking times since the food you are cooking is a good deal smaller than what you were cooking before.

Multitask When Possible

While you likely take your time when cooking, most of the time, if you are in a rush you will probably not be able to take your time with everything. The best way to speed things up, in this case, is to work on multiple parts of a dish at the same time such as cooking two different parts of a meal at the same time when you usually do them in stages or to be chopping up food while waiting for a pot of water to boil.

Faster Cook Times

Faster Cook Times with American Griddle

Our Steam Shell Griddle is an excellent tool for speeding up your cooking. The even heat and the steam injection equally heat the top and bottom of your food and result in it cooking almost twice as fast while resulting in the same level of food quality.

Buy Prepared Food

While this is not ideal, buying food that is partially cooked already can speed up your cooking considerably as the food comes partially cooked and only needs to have the other part cooked or can simply be defrosted and heated up.

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