Every restaurant has the same mission: provide the best possible food in the shortest amount of time. Sounds simple enough, however, in the real world, restaurant owners, their chefs, and service staff know otherwise. The reality is, any number of things can slow your service down including numerous identical orders to broken glass in the kitchen. Any restaurant worker can tell you, no two days are the same.

American Griddle Makes Customers Smile

Customers shouldn’t have to be concerned with the operation of your establishment; after all, they’re there to have a good time while enjoying delicious food and drink. The one thing that will get their attention, however, is when the food takes too long to arrive. American Griddle is here to announce the good news: the Steam Shell Griddle featuring state-of-the-art, patented technology has successfully conquered the cooking time dilemma; offering restaurant owners savvy solutions for faster service. In the history of restaurant equipment, there has never been anything like it before.

Benefits of Cooking with the Steam Shell Griddle

Our clients expect more from the Steam Shell Griddle and they get it. The benefits of using a precise evenly distributed heat source in combination with consistent and reliable cook times result in a consistent surface temperature that never varies. The patented steam heating process guarantees the same result each and every time you use it. Dining establishments worldwide enjoy knowing that their customers are receiving exactly what they ordered without any surprises in taste or texture. Additional benefits include:

  • Faster cook times
  • A consistent and reliable surface temperature
  • Uniform results regardless of quantities prepared
  • Consistent temps that last all day without fluctuating
  • Better food quality
  • Safer food storage and handling

Steam Injection Technology

The secret behind American Griddle’s Steam Shell success is the injection of steam which cooks food from the top. Combine that with the steam heated griddle surface and you’ve got a dynamic duo working full time preventing over and undercooked food waste.

Cook Times

Steam Lid Injection

American Griddle makes life easier for chefs by eliminating the need to cover pots and pans to preserve moisture and increase faster cook times. Any chef can tell you it is a system that is inconsistent and unreliable. The Steam Shell Griddle encourages better results by introducing the technique of “grilling with steam.” This stops the guesswork as steam is automatically dispersed evenly over the food which causes it to condense immediately. Now, chefs can lock in the natural moisture of their creations while eliminating any risk of overcooking the dish or having it dry out. The advantage of cooking food from both the top and the bottom results in quicker food preparation and less time in the kitchen; a feature everybody loves.

Steam Surface Heating

The Steam Shell Griddle is based on the foundational truth that steam distributes heat quicker and more effectively than other cooking methods. Instead of using electricity or gas, the Steam Shell Griddle circulates steam under the griddle plate. This prevents uncontrollable temperature variations which always result in expensive food waste from burning and fluctuating cook times.

Starting at the Bottom Line

Everyday restaurant owners face the challenge of consistency and customer satisfaction. They know that the food business is one of the most competitive on Earth. A dedicated staff and a passionate chef are essential to the bottom line as is the equipment used in the day-to-day preparation of food. The difference is realized in customer satisfaction. When customers are happy, they tell their friends, book parties, celebrate holidays, and post on Facebook and Instagram. Customers have the final say in success, but you have the final say in how you operate.

We’re here to discuss culinary solutions that have never been possible before with a reduction in cooking time by up to 50%; features guaranteed to support your bottom line. American Griddle welcomes your comments, questions, and concerns regarding the Steam Shell Griddle. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and talk to one of our product experts for more information today.