One of the best ways to expand your restaurant menu is through new cooking methods, not new ingredients. French fries no longer cover all of your bases when it comes to sides. As other restaurants expand their list to have a wide range of vegetables, house specialties, and uniquely prepared extras, your restaurant must decide if you’re also going to expand your menu or if you’re going to double-down on staying constant. If you want to test out new options, the easiest choice is to expand your cooking methods rather than your ingredients list, and steaming is the optimal method.

What healthy choices can you add to your menu with the most return for the least effort?

  • Steam your vegetables. Most patrons browsing the heart-healthy section of your menu usually have a restricted number of calories they can ‘spend’ on a given meal. Not only is steam the new buzzword for healthy food preparation, it reduces the number of calories needed to tastily cook vegetables. It also preserves the nutrients and vitamins. Whether you employ steaming as a strategy to reduce the total calories of a side or so you can reassign those calories to a sauce or dressing, it adds a bit of change that customers want without you having to make a risky investment in new ingredients.
  • Steam proteins like hamburgers and chicken. Nobody wants dry meat, and the usual way of keeping meat moist while cooking in bulk is to include enough fat. While fat can be healthy in the right amounts, many of your customers will be looking for a healthy alternative that isn’t dried out and bland. Steam cooking helps meat retain moisture and flavor, so you can trim away the fat or order different meat without worrying about the taste.


If you think introducing a bit of change to your restaurant is the right strategy to expand your business, then try expanding your menu with different cooking methods instead of different ingredients. Not only does it lower the risk of wasted food, you can do it with a griddle that cooks both ways. Go to American Griddle here to learn more.