A big part of good food quality is cooking everything to the right temperature and keeping it there so that a customer gets their whole meal in one sitting. With this in mind, you will want to invest in a griddle that always has an even temperature surface. Here is why.

Avoid Burnt Sections with Even Temperature

Some foods take up a lot of space on a griddle. A hot spot in those cases can lead to one section of the food burning while the rest warms up. It can also lead to one of your food items blackening and burning before the other parts of the meal finish cooking. Many people don’t like burnt food, and very few people appreciate getting food that has burnt parts mixed in with all the properly cooked stuff. An even temperature distribution leads to everything cooking at the same speed and looking uniform when it gets served.

Even Temperature

Avoid Underdone Food

Anyone in the food industry knows the dangers of food that hasn’t reached the right internal temperature. It can make your restaurant the epicenter of a food poisoning outbreak, and no one needs that. However, when your griddle surface has cold and hot spots, it can be hard to make sure that all the items getting grilled reach the right temperatures. Some will brown on the outside without cooking all the way through because the spot is too hot. Other pieces will take much longer to cook at all, delaying the rest of the meal and tempting a cook to take it off too early. All this leads to food with uncooked middles and unhappy customers.

Even Temperature From American Griddle

If you want a griddle that will get your food right every time, check out the Steam Shell Griddle from American Griddle. Its cooking surface always has an even temperature distribution because of the instant heat recovery and steam technology. For more information, contact us.