Mistakes happen in life. It is just the nature of things. However, mistakes in cooking in a restaurant can spell the end of the restaurant. Mistakes lead to longer wait times for your customers, inconsistent quality of meals, and rising operating costs as waste increases. All of which are avoidable by using a Steam Shell Griddle.

The Steam Shell Griddle is the newest technology in griddle cooking. The griddle is one of the oldest forms of cooking known to man. Here at American Griddle, we thought it was about time that the oldest and most trusted form of cooking gets a much-needed upgrade. Our passion for griddle cooking led us to develop a better model. The Steam Shell Griddle uses patented steam technology to evenly heat the entire surface of the griddle. This eliminates hot spots on the cooktop. This leads to a more consistently heated surface which means more available cook space. No more waiting to put the next burgers on because the best burger cooking spot is taken up by the steak leading to quicker order turnaround times and in turn happier customers.

Steam Shell Griddle

For years chefs have been using lids or pots to cover their food while it cooks on the griddle to build up steam to keep the food moist. Steam is a wonderful way to cook food quicker and keep it moist but using the old pot trick produces erratic results. The pots are not the same size, resulting in different cook times. Or the pot didn’t seal well enough and the food dries out anyway. Our steam lid creates even temperature and produces consistent steam for perfect food every time.

By constantly producing excellent food and avoiding mistakes in cook times the amount of waste is reduced. This is a huge cost saving measure for any restaurant, large or small. The Steam Shell Griddle will not only improve the quality of your food it will help reduce the cost to make it.