Consistency is one of the most important factors of a quality restaurant. Guests expect to have the same quality meal every time, and with the Steam Shell Griddle from American Griddle, your chefs are able to produce consistent, delicious recipes every single time. This not only betters the restaurant’s reputation but also reduces food waste and prevents dishes from being returned for being cooked incorrectly.

Thanks to the patented Steam Shell technology the food is cooked evenly and quickly, producing juicy steaks and burgers, moist chicken, and flaky fish every single time the food comes off the griddle. The Steam Shell Griddle cooks food from both sides, providing a consistent, constant temperature on all sides. This removes the guesswork out of cooking and keeps chefs from needing to poke, prod, and flip food to check doneness. It also encases the food in a moisture barrier, preventing foods from drying out or losing their natural juices and flavors.

The Steam Shell Griddle not only offers consistency for your customers but also for your chefs. Because of the instant temperature recovery and the exact temperature distribution, chefs can trust that the food will cook for the same amount of time, every time. They can be sure that each dish they send out will be as delicious as the last.

Steam Shell Griddle

Contact us for questions, or if you’d like to set up a demonstration fill out this form and we’ll show you firsthand how to error-proof your recipes. We are so confident in our product we even have a Better Taste Guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Take your restaurant to the next level with the Steam Shell Griddle.

About the American Griddle Corporation: American Griddle’s patented Steam Shell Technology has revolutionized the foodservice industry. By utilizing Steam Shell Technology, foods can be cooked at uniform temperatures, creating better tasting and more consistent results. Products are cooked from the top and bottom simultaneously, retaining all of the natural moisture and flavors that make your food taste great. Users experience benefits not seen in traditional electric griddles, such as consistent and faster cook times, no cross-flavoring, and instant recovery.