When you own a restaurant or work in a large kitchen, nothing is ever exactly the same. Produce is always a slightly different size and is in various states of seasonality, meat comes in slightly different cuts and has to be trimmed or prepared accordingly, and order always just a bit customized. But the equipment you use in the kitchen should always give you consistent, identical results and this is particularly true for your griddle. Being able to rely on your kitchen equipment for consistent temperatures, cook times, and the cooking environment is critical to preparing orders quickly and accurately without having to wait for conditions that are just right.

How can the American Griddle give you error-proof cooking?

  • Consistent temperature: The American Griddle’s Steam Shell Technology means that there isn’t temperature variation on the cooking surface of the griddle. No matter whether you just put down room temperature bread to toast it or you’re cooking chicken that you just took out of the fridge, the surface temperature will return to whatever you set it on instantly due to our griddle’s instant temperature recovery and use of steam to transfer heat energy from the elements to the cooking surface.


  • Your ingredients will not dry out: Because the American Griddle uses steam to regulate heat, the orders are being prepared with no risk of being dried out or becoming too soggy. Also, because this griddle has an optional lid, you can cook both sides at once, both the top and bottom of the food will be cooked quickly so that it spends less time on the griddle losing potential moisture or flavorful juices.

Having equipment you can rely on is essential in a fast-moving kitchen and the American Griddle promises error-proof cooking every time due to our technology’s ability to instantly recover temperature and cook food without drying it out. If you’d like to learn more about the specifications and benefits of an American Griddle, please contact us here.