The Steam Shell Griddle is a massive help in eliminating errors in cooking through the combination of cooking plates that distribute heat precisely, and a lid that allows for instant recovery and easily predictable cook times. Because of these features, all the unpredictability and guesswork in cooking on a griddle go away and everything is consistent and predictable which allows users to more easily predict cooking times, how heat will be distributed and so on since it’s no longer necessary to try and guess what these things will be.

Less Guesswork

The other key advantages that help remove the guesswork from cooking with this griddle are the consistent cook times and minimal temperature variations, the vast reduction in cooking times by as much as 50%. This means that less food has to be managed on the surface at the same time and cooks don’t have to deal with the stress of running behind because food doesn’t cook nearly as fast as they would like.



The best part of using this grill is simply the consistency. Knowing what you can expect from using it makes everything so much more predictable and eliminates the hassle of having to guess what the temperature of the cooking plates will be at, how long food will take to cook and having to worry over how long it will be until the food currently being cooked dries out because it’s been left out for far too long while being cooked. The elimination of all these things removes many worrying factors and lets the main focus be right where it should be: on cooking the food and not on worrying over how hot the surface will get or if food will dry up while being cooked.

Error-Free Griddle

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