The Steam shell griddle eliminates costly errors in the kitchen. Your kitchen is where it’s at. You can have superior service and a wonderful ambiance, but none of that matters if your food quality is lacking due to easily avoided cooking errors. Your bottom line depends not just on saving money and increasing profitability but doing so without sacrificing the reputation of your menu.

American Griddle’s Steam Shell Griddle is designed to eliminate cooking errors that waste time and money.

Consistent Cooking Temperature

Our steam surface heating method circulates steam underneath the griddle plate to heat the full surface without causing temperature fluctuations like you often find with electric or gas burners. With a predictable cooking surface, your kitchen staff will reduce burning and irregular cooking times. Give them the tools they need so they can take the guesswork out of cooking and increase productivity.

Lock in Natural Moisture

The Steam Shell lid provides instant recovery by trapping steam. This provides consistency as the steam is dispersed above the food to then condense directly onto it. You don’t want dried out or overcooked food being sent out of your kitchen, and our Steam Shell lid is a practical solution for locking in natural moisture. We want to improve the taste of the food you serve, and we are confident in this technique!

Faster Cook Times with The Steam Shell Griddle 

This griddle combines two methods that deliver consistent and predictable cooking surfaces, giving you as much as a 50% reduction in cooking times! You want your kitchen staff to be focused on cooking flavorful food, and our Steam Shell Griddle helps with that as well, but the efficiency of our method saves them time and stress when it comes to managing orders.

Steam Shell Griddle

Eliminate Kitchen Waste

If you are saving time, you are saving money. If your staff is not throwing out burned food or having a dried-out entree returned by unhappy customers, you are helping us with part of our mission to increase kitchen efficiency and reduce food waste.

Steam Shell Griddle Eliminates Costly Errors 

Let us help each other! Contact us today to learn more about eliminating cooking errors in your kitchen with the Steam Shell Griddle so that you can move towards a more profitable and efficient kitchen!