Cooking errors are difficult to deal with. They turn the process of cooking into a game of guesswork. Even worse is when that guess turns out to be wrong and you’re left with food that must be thrown out. With the Steam Shell Griddle you can say goodbye to inconsistent cooking times and have peace of mind knowing that your food will always cook the same way every time. This is accomplished by pairing a cooking plate with exact temperature distribution and instant recovery with a Steam Shell Lid.  Here’s how we do it:


The surface of the Steam Shell Griddle is heated to an exact temperature by constantly circulating steam. This allows the surface to remain heated to an even temperature all day long. Hot or cold spots on the griddle surface will be impossible to find and will ensure that your food will cook the same way every time.

cooking errors


The Steam Shell Lid allows for food to be grilled using steam. Once the lid is in place steam will begin to build up, cooking the food simultaneously from both the top and the bottom. As the food remains enveloped in moisture it will be nearly impossible for it to dry out, even if it has been on the griddle for too long.


The Steam Shell Griddle helps to reduce cook time by as much as 50% due to its consistent, even surface temperature. Faster cook times mean that less food will need to be managed on the griddle surface at a time and will help eliminate the stress cooks run into when falling behind during busy periods.

Known for both what it does and doesn’t do to your food, the Steam Shell Griddle continues to prove itself as one of the best and most efficient ways to cook food without all the guesswork. Learn more about reducing cooking errors with our griddle by visiting our website or feel free to contact us today!