There’s nothing more American than a burger and fries. You like cooking burgers on your grill, but much of the juice drips into the fire and you’re left with a mostly dry burger.

With your Steam Shell Griddle, you won’t have that issue. Why? A sear is created on the outside to help retain its juices; the juices that do leak out baste the burgers while they cook. What you end up with is a burger that has an awesome crust with a juicy inside!

Oh, and did we mention you can also cook fries to crispy, golden perfection on your griddle?

Ingredients for burgers (Serves 4):

  • 2 lbs. of 85% ground beef
  • Toppings like tomato, lettuce, pickles, etc. (optional)
  • 8 slices of your favorite cheese
  • 4 of your favorite hamburger buns
  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper


Create 8 ¼ lb. hamburger patties from the ground beef. Sprinkle a liberal amount of salt and pepper on each side of all patties. Set them aside for 10 minutes. (Note: Doing this will let the salt make a gorgeous crust on each burger when it’s put on your griddle.)

While the burgers are resting, preheat your Steam Shell Griddle on medium-high heat. Put all the patties on the griddle when it’s hot. Cook for 2 minutes, untouched; a crust will form. Flip over all the burgers, cooking for another 2 minutes. At this point, start checking for your desired doneness.

Place 1 slice of cheese on top of each burger when the burgers are done to your preference. When the cheese slices are melted, place 4 burgers on top of the other 4 burgers, creating pairs. Transfer the pairs to a platter.

Put each pair of burgers on a hamburger bun; layer your preferred toppings and the top bun. Enjoy!


Ingredients for Griddle Fries (Serves 4):

  • Chopped herbs (if desired): scallion, cilantro, parsley
  • Seasonings for taste: pepper, garlic powder, seasoned salt, Cajun seasoning, etc.
  • 4 lg. potatoes (Idaho Russet or Yukon Gold, roughly 1.25 lbs.)


Rinse off the potatoes. If you’d like, peel the potatoes then cut them into ¼-inch slices and put them in a large bowl. Sprinkle the slices with pepper, salt and any other seasonings you prefer. Pour in 3 tbsp. of cooking oil; mix until all slices are evenly coated.

Turn your already heated Steam Shell Griddle down to medium heat. Do not add any oil to its surface. Carefully put the pre-oiled fries on your hot griddle; cook for about 20 minutes. To ensure fries will brown evenly on each side, turn fries over every 5 minutes.

When the fries are done, move them to a platter; if you’d like, scatter herbs on top.

Note: You can prepare the fries prior to making the burgers. Keep the fries warm by loosely tenting aluminum foil over the platter. To avoid soggy fries, be sure to let steam escape.

You can easily make this delicious recipe an elegant one by using griddled shallots in place of onions, exotic cheeses, fancy relish and so on. Yet no matter which way you choose to serve this dish to your family or friends, you can’t go wrong! It’s a safe bet there won’t be anything left.

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