Restaurants are constantly changing and facing new challenges. If you’ve noticed your customers’ orders aren’t coming out right, or right on time, you might be facing trouble with your cooking equipment.

What are three common problems restaurants face when preparing food?

  1. Menus are too large. Even if all your staff are well-trained on your menu items, the ingredients, and how to answer your customers’ questions, cooking a diverse array of options can slow your business down. Most griddles and cooktops cool down during rush hours because of the heat transferring to the ingredients, and that can cause a lag time if you have menu items that require specific temperature or need a just-right, crunchy finish. Unless your griddle can instantly recover its temperature and give you faster cook times, a varied menu might be too logistically difficult.
  2. Meat isn’t cooked on a griddle. If you’re cooking meat in a pan or in an oven, your kitchen is missing an easy opportunity to cook with more browning. Griddles put cooking meat in direct contact with the heat source, and that’s what produces more caramelization faster, so your customers receive both well-prepared meat and their meal at a fast turnaround time.Restaurants
  3. Cooking at the wrong temperature. If your cooking surface isn’t hot enough, then your food will have to spend more time cooking. Not only can this slow down how quickly orders can make it out to the tables, but it can also change the chemical process of the cooking and result in meat that is chewy or overcooked. If your cooktop has a temperature that’s too high, then the outside of the food will be burned while the center is still undercooked. Some of this temperature error can be caused by the type of griddle you have: if it takes too long for the surface to reheat after an order, then you must wait for it to recover or else risk an improperly cooked entrĂ©e.

You work hard to keep your restaurant running as smoothly as possible, and identifying problems that might be impacting your cooking times and the bottom line is critical to making your business even stronger. If any of these problems sound familiar and you’re looking for the right equipment to solve them, browse American Griddle’s site here to learn more about the Steam Shell Griddle.