Good food doesn’t just need good cooks. It needs good temperature control. Here are five common foods where trusting your griddle to be at the right degree is absolutely essential.

1. French Fries

Every restaurant that serves fries needs a signature style for those fries. Whether you’re serving curly fries, steak fries, potato wedges, or a more traditional shoestring style, each one demands a different texture at the end. The different thicknesses also contribute to that end texture and change how much time you need. Find the right numbers and get a griddle that can help make it happen every time.


2. Hamburgers

Everyone likes to complain that their hamburger wasn’t cooked the right way. But even small, fiddly changes can make that statement true. Post clear guides for cooking burgers to different degrees of wellness. You might not have time to make sure your cooks can always tell when a burger is done by sight alone, so you need a griddle with temperature control that you can trust.

3. Eggs

Like hamburgers, eggs come in enough standard variations that everyone needs to be able to cook them the way a customer ordered. Fried, sunny-side up, sunny-side down, and more are variations on the same idea that vary mostly on temperature and time.

4. Grilled Peppers

Grilled peppers are a popular veggie component for lots of different dishes and sandwiches. You need that char for the right texture. You also don’t want them to have too much raw snap or be mushy strings of vegetables.


5. Oils

Every plate will have some type of oil on the ingredient list. But different oils need different temperatures to do their best. While vegetable and canola oil can absorb a lot of heat-related damage, olive oil can’t. Specialty oils like sesame shouldn’t even be directly on a heat source. So train your staff to lower the temperature based on different oils, and have a griddle that responds to the change quickly enough that nothing burns.

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